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Dr. Ravi Juniwal
Chairman Sir


Apex Group of Institutions

To actualize & live with the dream of late Dr.S.M.Juniwal, the present Chairman of the Apex Group and Apex University, Dr. Ravi Juniwal under his well experienced, capable & astute leadership is at the helm of all the academic & other relevant affairs of Apex University and the Group Institutions of Apex, spearheading to carry forward the unfulfilled dreams of its founder Chairman.
Dr. Ravi Juniwal has been instrumental in planning, organizing & leading the Apex University & Group institutes to new heights of success & excellence with a well-structured team of dedicated staff.
In line with APEX philosophy, Apex Group of Institutions have always taken the responsibility of the Society at large to ensure that the well-groomed and responsible citizens are churned out of Apex Institution to serve the nation.
“One of the most prestigious and respected careers in the country is to join defence forces. Youngsters can fulfill all their professional expectations by choosing a career of challenges, excitement, and adventure at all ranks in the defence and security forces. Ian sanguine to say that nothing gives more pleasure and satisfaction than serving our country. The opportunities in the defence and various security forces are limitless to enhance your personality”
“In line with our philosophy, Apex University & Apex Group of Institutions have always taken responsibility of the Society at large to serve the nation. In the Apex Defence academy we have launched various training module to identify, train, groom and provide all the necessary guidance to the youth of our nation without any gender differences to serve the nation in Uniform.”
“For youngsters aspiring to choose adventurous career of excitement and challenges in the armed forces, we are ready to train and groom them to meet their goal in life at Apex Defence academy”