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Apex Defence Academy

Col AS Baryawal, Sena Medal
Colonel A S Baryawal, Sena Medal with a career span of 30 years in armed forces. He has vast experience in teaching and training of cadets from different social strata for employment in various fields of defence, para military force and central police organization.
Apex Defence Academy is one of the largest and most well equipped defence academy of the Nation. A candidate here has an access to the vast infrastructure for academic training, sports, and physical fitness. The class rooms and training equipment are spacious and state of the art.  The faculty is committed to pay very special attention to each of the candidate as per his or her aptitude and requirement.
The Apex Acedemy is spread over six acres of land with probably one of the best hostel facility. The training curriculum is realistic.  Tough training, security, discipline, focus, consistency, and commitment are the hallmark of Apex Defence Academy. In-depth analyses, exposure and dissemination of the syllabus to the candidate is our mantra. The candidates are taught art of addressing the tough selection process in any of the uniform career he or she is aspiring to crack. In Apex Defence Academy we address each candidate issue holistically.  The candidates’ learn in a challenging yet relaxed and friendly environment with zero stress and maximum benefits.

The Apex Defence Academy brings the fire in a candidate with a sole aim to deliver to perform.   The trainers teach critical analysis, resource management, logical assessment, prioritizing of task, addressing of the issue and finding the best solution. At Apex Defence Academy Sky is no limit. The unique and scientific  approach to training will not only prepare the candidate for the exams, but also for a bright and prosperous career in the Armed forces.
I am sanguine, that your involvement with the institute will enlight your personality to serve the Nation

Jai Hind